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Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of time and a description of the memories I bear. Personal photographs, fragments of sketches, journals, and other found materials are incorporated into the work, layered upon, drawn on, and painted on, they become integrated with the surface they’re applied to. In this process, memory and structure are compatible. Incorporating architectural elements, such as blue prints, line work, arrows and numbers, correspond to the idea of a personal investigation with space and structure. Each piece represents a memory; a reflection of my life and moments kept. The integrated collage elements are deliberately chosen for each piece. The delicate graphite work and text I write on the surface can be read like a whisper, disclosing a gentle message.

Artist Bio

Brandi Downham is a multi-media artist with an emphasis in painting. Using a variety of painting and drawing techniques, Brandi’s art documents memories and processes. The impact of losing a loved one to cancer has deeply influenced her style of work. Her desire for healing and growth has resulted in art that is vulnerable and honest. Captivated by the process of creating artwork, Brandi’s work contains raw, emotive and expressive content. As the daughter of a contractor, her frequent exposure to construction material inspired her use of architectural and structural elements. Brandi holds a BFA from the University of Central Oklahoma and has shown in various museums and galleries.





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