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Grace#Braveryandgrace was sort of an epiphany that I had after two years of heartache and research. In 2016, my grandma became sick. From June to December of 2016, I took her to the ER almost weekly, and when her primary care physician threw his hands up, I took her to a specialist, who chalked it all up to diabetes.   Read More +

Restructuring Vulnerability

In September 2017 I had the honor of a solo exhibition, titled, “Restructuring Vulnerability”, hosted by The Melton Gallery, a gallery associated with the art department at the University of Central Oklahoma.   Read More +

AWAKE Show Opening at Graphite Gallery

AWAKE opens this Friday, May 13, 2016 at Graphite Gallery from 7-11pm. I'm excited to show alongside the talent of Christie Fleuridas Owen.Working on any show is always a marathon of creating, but producing this body of work was more refreshing for me than anything, I'm really pleased with the work as a whole.It ranges in scale, from 10"x10" to 60"x84", it feels fresh, it's light, it's uncomplicated, but still very narrative in nature.   Read More +

Commission Q & A

The commission process is actually really fun! I keep the client involved, from concept to installation. The first step is to view the space. If you’re local, I like to have an onsite consultation, where I’ll snap a couple photos, take notes/sketches, and assist the client in selecting a color palette. For out of town clients, I request digital images.   Read More +