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Commission Q & A

Commission Q & A

The commission process is actually really fun! I keep the client involved, from concept to installation. The first step is to view the space. If you’re local, I like to have an onsite consultation, where I’ll snap a couple photos, take notes/sketches, and assist the client in selecting a color palette. For out of town clients, I request digital images. 

Since my style of work really lends itself to conceptual or narrative art, I like to ask the client a series of questions to help guide the concept of their painting- this is the part everybody loves! I’ve had clients use significant dates, a special memory, song lyrics, poetry, house plans, scriptures, you name it! 

My turn around is usually 3 weeks, depending on scale and intricacies. I ask for a deposit, and the balance upon delivery or shipment. I do frequently entertain payment in installments. I provide a formal Artist Statement for every completed commission. 

I’m so thankful to be able to do what I love and make a living doing it. My passion really is in the process of making the work, and just putting beautiful, intriguing artwork into the world. The fact that anyone else finds my work the least bit interesting, is completely exciting and humbling all at the same time