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AWAKE Show Opening at Graphite Gallery

AWAKE Show Opening at Graphite Gallery

AWAKE opens this Friday, May 13, 2016 at Graphite Gallery from 7-11pm. I'm excited to show alongside the talent of Christie Fleuridas Owen.

Working on any show is always a marathon of creating, but producing this body of work was more refreshing for me than anything, I'm really pleased with the work as a whole.

It ranges in scale, from 10"x10" to 60"x84", it feels fresh, it's light, it's uncomplicated, but still very narrative in nature. Lots of subtle messages to be found, so if you go to the show, don't be afraid to get up close!

"Christie Owen and Brandi Downham offer a collection of works immersed in the language of unity and balance. Drawing on their individual processes, each artist will present work that evokes a visceral sense of steady wakefulness. Extracting from their own intuition, and inspired by the flourish of spring, “Awake” serves as a metaphor for both a season and a journey".


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