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Restructuring Vulnerability

Restructuring Vulnerability

In September 2017 I had the honor of a solo exhibition, titled, “Restructuring Vulnerability”, hosted by The Melton Gallery, a gallery associated with the art department at the University of Central Oklahoma. 

This body of work means so much to me because it is filled to the brim with heart and soul. It is my being poured out on a canvas, with only suggestions to the viewer as to what my mind and heart were saying. Unintentionally, I found a way to communicate important concepts and emotions with only whispers and glimpses. In the process alone of creating these paintings, I found healing and grace. 

The show’s title, “Restructuring Vulnerability”, was carefully and thoughtfully crafted by Kyle Cholmia (Curator of Exhibitions for Melton Gallery), and I for the purpose of summing up the entire body. Conceptually, we broke it down into two parts: 

Restructuring/ Structure

Within my practice I use elements of structure and architecture for several reasons, mainly being that I am the daughter and granddaughter to contractors, so figuratively, these elements represent a solid foundations and strength, a childlike fascination with blueprints and architectural line work. 

Fundamentally, however, the architectural elements also serve a purpose within the composition of the work, the lines ground the composition, they “clean” them up, and guide the eye to a point I’d like the viewer to notice. These lines create sense out of the chaos. 


I’m just going to go ahead and upfront say that I am a huge fan of Brene Brown, and she inspires me, empowers me, and reading her words are so validating to my life’s calling and purpose. 

With that being said; Vulnerability: is our access to connection. It’s where the real magic happens, the birthplace of creativity. Connection is why we’re here, it’s why I create and make beautiful things… to connect, relate, share… In vulnerability- is beautiful authenticity, you can’t fake it, it’s recognizable and relatable. Authenticity = Integrity. It’s okay, it’s good, it’s healing to let part of ourselves be deeply seen. You don’t have to divulge your inmost secrets, you can tell them gently, hint at them, lead to them, or only share the results. Results being the emotions or sensations that some circumstances leave you with. 

The pieces above are available. Contact me for purchase details.